Custom Development

If your development requirements are more complicated than our hosting platform can handle or that can be configured in Wordpress, we can develop your application from scratch.

Take a look at our example wesbite called Ingram Games.

The website is used for maintaining and tracking gamers and their scores. A registered user can use that same account with all games supported by the system. The Rankings page is basically a high score list for the supported games.

The Gestures game, located at the bottom of the Home page, is an example of a real time spell casting game where two players duel to the death.

The website uses the following technologies:
  • ASP.NET Core MVC - Everything is written using ASP.NET Core MVC and C#
  • Entity Framework - Microsoft's ORM framework
  • MySQL - MySQL is used to store user and game data
  • Azure App Service - Everything is hosted on Azure as an App Service and uses MySQL In App (hosted within the App Service) for data storage
  • Web Application - The main website is a Web Application
  • Web API - Several Web APIs are used to manage access to user and game data and manage the Gestures multiplayer functionality
  • Unity 3D - The Gestures game found at the bottom of the home page has been developed with Unity 3D

Email if you have questions, comments, or want more information about our custom development service.