We develop and host social media friendly content that is made for sharing online and follows SEO best practices. We will create the content, host it, and make sure it is compatible with all the popular social media platforms. With a single URL, you can share it, send it, and embed it. Promoting your business has never been easier!

We offer three different services:

Page Example
A Page is a block of web content that resembles a traditional web page. Like a web page, it can contain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Our implementation makes it especially easy to create slideshows and questionaires. Pages are self contained and ready to share or embed within your own website.
Map Example
A Map is web content on top of a traditional Google Map, with lines, shapes, markers, images, text, menus, and more. Maps can be used to show off places and routes associated with your product, service, or idea. Maps are self contained and ready to share or embed within your own website.
Wordpress Website
Wordpress development and hosting is the perfect environment for hosting all types of websites that are social media friendly and optimized for search engines. Take a look at our example Wordpress website which also makes use of embedding pages and maps: https://trekzilla.com

Our platform generates all the meta-data needed for sharing your campaign or map. Simply click the share buttons on our website or paste the shareable link to any social media site or messenger.

Sharing to Social Media Sharing to Social Media
SEO Best Practices
We employ SEO best practices throughout everything we develop. We will make sure you rank as high as you possibly can with all the search engines. We will constantly monitor and update your content based on changes made by search engine providers.