We host custom-made interactive maps with lines, shapes, markers, images, text, menus, and more. The maps can be shared to social media or embedded within your own website. Showcase your vacation packages, tours, adventures, and events with our mapping service! Our maps are especially useful to travel agencies and tour operators. With a single map, your brand and offerings are completely represented and self-contained. Promote it by sharing to social media or message it directly to prospects using any of the popular messaging tools.

Interactive mapping involves using maps that allow zooming in and out, hotspots that respond when the mouse moves over it, off of it, clicks it, panning around, querying underlying data by topic or a specific indicator, or visualising select information in the map.

Our interactive maps use the Google API to pinpoint data on a map. Unlike static maps, interactive maps offer a number of features designed to improve the display of a large amount of complex data, which makes them a great way for your content to stand out.

Some features of our maps:
  • Show photos and text
  • Displays pop-up boxes
  • Play video and audio
  • Pan and zoom large maps
  • Display a directory
  • Draw routes
  • Link to other web pages
  • Links to case studies or pop-up graphs
  • Get data from your server in real time
Made for embedding within your own website...

Embedding a map within your website is easy and anyone can do it. Just paste the embed code on one of your pages or posts. We include no branding of our own and the map looks like it comes from your website.

Check out our sample tourism website and see how we used pages and maps:

Email if you have questions, comments, or want more information about our map making service.