We offer the following services:
We can make sure your website is getting indexed properly and improve your search engine ranking and visibility.
Prices starting at $200 per month for onsite and offsite SEO services.
Wordpress Website
Wordpress development and hosting is the perfect environment for hosting all types of websites that are social media friendly and optimized for search engines. Take a look at our example Wordpress website which also makes use of embedding some of our SEO content and maps: https://trekzilla.com
Prices starting at $100 setup and $5 per month for unmanaged hosting or 10$ per month for managed hosting.
Map Example
A Map is web content on top of a traditional Google Map, with lines, shapes, markers, images, text, menus, and more. Maps can be used to show off places and routes associated with your product, service, or idea. Maps are self contained and ready to share or embed within your own website.
Prices starting at $100 setup and $10 per month per map.
Wordpress Website
Custom Development is available to satisfy more unique or complex requirements. We have years of experience with multiple programming stacks, including local and cloud hosted solutions.
Prices starting at $30 per hour.
Auto Attendant
Auto Attendant is used for receiving inbound phone calls and routing them to the appropriate departments, people, voicemail, or IVR. It not only makes you look more professional, it also filters out a lot of marketing calls.
Prices starting at $50 setup and $10 per month for the auto attendant, plus 5$ per month for each phone number pointed to auto attendant.